India is the second largest producer of silk in the world. It produce fout types of silk –

1. Mulberry

2. Tasar

3. Eri

4. Muga

Jharkhand is the leading producer of Tasar Silk in the country. We produced 2004 M.T. Tasar Silk in the year 2013-14, for which we got an appreciation letter by member secer8, Central Silk Board. Tasar Silk is mainly reared in the forests on Arjuna and Asan trees. The dominant ecorace is DABA. We are also rearing DABA on Sidha trees.

Realising this potential of silk production in the state, various policy decisions were framed, which are as under.


This is an important policy decision which aims to strengthen the seed sector by organising rearers in group. This has also changed the role of the department from implementor to facilitator. By introduction of this concept, quality seed production has increased by 15 times.


In-House Reporter, Info India TV