The Handicraft sector in the Jharkhand state is providing job opportunities for more than 50,000 artisans of the state.


Jharkhand brings you the primordial handicraft of Dhokra, an art form handed down through the generations. Dhokra metal art reflects the creativity of life in its varied forms. From the pre-historic period, the Rana and certain communities of Jharkhand have been making the metal vision in bronze and copper. Dhokra is non-ferrous metal casting using the lost-wax casting technique.


  • Preparing a mould out of wet earth or with Lac or with a combination of bee wax, Sal resin and dhuna.
  • Required design is then hand created on the mould with bee-wax and Lac.
  • It is then again covered with wet earth.
  • It is bind with iron wire. Again a layer of earth is put on the mould.

  • A hole is made in the mould. It is then heated. The heating process melts the wax or the Lac and the
  • Liquid brass is filled in the mould through the hole.
  • The mould is then left to cool down.
  • The artwork is then obtained by breaking the mud mould.
  • After cleaning and buffing the product is supplied to the stores.

The motifs used are generally taken from the nature. Elephants, Turties, etc are made at large in Dhokra craft. The images of various deities are also crafted by the artisans of the state.


In-House Reporter, Info India TV