Kerala has set an example for the whole nation. Amid the rise in religious intolerance in the whole country, kerala has registered a impressive number of “secular” students in its schools.

According to Kerala government figures, more than 1.24 lakh students registered themselves as not belonging to any particular religion or caste in the academic year 2017-18.
In a written reply in the state assembly, Kerala education minister Professor C Ravindranath said this year, a record 1.24 lakh students in the state left the caste and religion columns blank at the time of admission.

The records show that over the years, in Kerala there has been an increase in the number of people declaring themselves non-religious and letting their children choose their religion when they grow up.

The grown ups should also learn tolerance, compassion and secularism from these children. Only then India can prosper in true sense.

Unnat Kumar Singh,
In-House Reporter, Info India TV